As telecommunication companies seek to stay competitive by offering quality and reliable service, Globe Telecommunications (GTCOM), makes this goal a reality through our higly professional solutions – “we provide solutions, no problem”. We provide service to the cellular telecommunication industry throughout the Caribbean, North America and within South America.

Our Promise

It is our philosophy that every situation or problem has a solution- “We Give Solutions, No Problems” and we follow a simple but effective model for every case: think, develop, apply, supervise, record and analyze.

Our motto is "Creating Solutions, Eliminating Problems”; we always deliver excellent service so that our clients can achieve their business objectives and satisfy their clients.

Our Activities

Our scope of business is to provide services to the cellular telecommunication industry locally, throughout the Caribbean and South America. Our services encompass the following:

  • Rigging solutions for Telecommunication Installation
  • Electrical Installation and Emergency services
  • Fiber Optic installation, Maintenance and Emergency services
  • Microwave Installation, Maintenance and Emergency services
  • Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance and Emergency services
  • Generator Installation, Maintenance and Emergency services
  • Project Administration, Statistics Analysis, Process Design , and Quality Controls

Our Projects

Some of our Customers and Projects worked on since (2011):

  • LTE installation United States-MMBS, BBU, RRU, Antenna, and HFC
  • Telecom Carrier Jamaica & Costa Rica –Tower Rigging and Line Sweep of Antennas.
  • Telecom Carrier, Jamaica- optimization of cellular sites via Azimuth, Tilt and Link Correction.
  • Telecom Equipment Manufacturer in Jamaica, BTS & Power Cabinets Installations.
  • Telecom Carrier in Jamaica –De-install cell sites.
  • Telecom Carrier in Jamaica Splicing, Testing & Documentation.)
  • Telecom Carrier in Jamaica- Microwave Installation and Maintenance.
  • Telecom Carrier in Curacao- RBS installation and Sweep test.
  • Telecom Carrier in Jamaica , Fuel Sensor installation and Generator Maintenance.
  • Telecom Carrier in Jamaica, Microwave Maintenance.
  • Telecom Carrier in Jamaica, Generator Maintenance.
  • Telecom Carrier In Panama, Tower Maintenance & Line sweep.
  • Telecom Equipment Manufacturer in Mexico , Drive Test.
  • Telecom Equipment Manufacturer , Microwave radio swaps and upgrades.
  • Service Provider in Jamaica , A/C Maintenance.
  • Service Provider in Jamaica , Tower Safety Training & Equipment Supply.