About Us

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Globe Telecommunications LLC incorporated in Delaware with operations In Jamaica, Mexico, Panama and registered in the Dominican Republic. GTCOM is an organization of specialists in wireless technologies, fiber optic technology, electronics, programming and superior administrative skills. We provide solutions in the telecommunication industry and offer telecommunication deployment, technical assistance, consultancy, information administration and ongoing technical support through industry-specific units.

Our associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise that is combined with their hands-on experience; thereby, ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service.

We pride ourselves on our proven track record in administering multiple solutions.  Our ability to effectively deliver quality service is due to our strategic leadership in directing our team members, and our global vision for client satisfaction.

Our scope of business is to provide services to the cellular telecommunication industry. Our services encompass the following:

>        Rigging solutions for Telecommunication Installation

>        Electrical Installation and Emergency services

>        Fiber Optic installation, Maintenance and Emergency services

>        Microwave Installation, Maintenance and Emergency services

>        Air Conditioning Installation, Maintenance and Emergency services

>        Generator Installation, Maintenance and Emergency services

>        Project Administration, Statistics Analysis, Process Design , and Quality Controls

At GTCOM, we believe that people are our real business. We aim to deliver what each client needs; every time. Quality and consistency has kept us in business and has increased our business. Our solutions are tailored for each client company, and are delivered by experience committed people through a well-structured organization that prides itself on excellence for its systems procedures.

All our businesses are developed with the highest professionalism that is always focused on the needs of the client. Hence, our personnel that we assign to your project have an excellent balance of international experience, knowledge and skills which are always upgraded through regular training. We offer dedicated and shared human and technical resources; with this approach, we are able to be flexible and readily available for any emergency response.

It is our philosophy that every situation or problem has a solution- “We Give Solutions, No Problems” and we follow a simple but effective model for every case: think, develop, apply, supervise, record and analyze.

Our motto is “win to win”; we always deliver excellent service so that our clients can achieve their business objectives and satisfy their clients.